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What is Toko-Musik?

Enabling Artists world wide to create without limit

Toko-Musik is dedicated to preserving and promoting cultural heritage and traditions by minting them as NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Our NFT platform provides a secure, immutable, and verifiable digital ownership record for cultural assets, allowing creators and owners to monetize their contributions and receive compensation for their cultural heritage. By making cultural assets accessible to a global market, our project helps to increase visibility and appreciation for cultural heritage and traditions, providing a new source of funding for cultural preservation efforts, While permanently preserving Heritage, oral history, and music on the hashgraph. Our efforts are an attempt to save dying languages and dying cultures that Unesco has mentioned as a huge problem. Join us in preserving and promoting cultural diversity for future generations.

With our combination of Hedera Hashgraph developers, artists and the founders intricately involved with this mission In real life, in Mexico and Latin America, it is sure to be a huge success!

Our Story





Our team empowers artists to directly benefit financially from the art. We mint their music on blockchains such as Hedera Hashgraph, Or the XRPL.  


Monetization of Cultural Assets

We generate a winning NFT Strategy from start to finish. Enabling artists to focus on their art and create cultural art that can reach new worldwide markets, even help to create winning  marketing strategies.


We make web3 business easy

We handle the heavy work of developing a plan to implement your business goals on the blockchain!

Meet the Team
The Founders

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